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I certainly didn’t coin this phrase, and I’m certain most fitness professionals have used it at some point or another, but the capstone advice regarding movement we can ever dispense is, “the best exercise is the one someone will do.”

Depending on how you read that or the tone of voice someone might speak, that might come off as condescending in some ways, but it is the biggest gamechanger out there when it comes to movement. It takes off all limitations and expectations of the “right” way to achieve optimal fitness and puts the power in the hands of the individual.

We all have different goals, needs, abilities, and barriers when it comes to movement.

Thankfully there’s so many different modalities of exercise out there to meet our needs. Sometimes we don’t become consistent in movement because we don’t understand the breadth of what’s out there, aren’t willing to seek out services, can’t think outside of the box, find accessible options, or continue trying when option A, B, C, or X, Y, Z might not be the right fit.

I promise you—there’s a right fit for everyone. First, we’re going to explore the places for movement, in the future we’re going to whittle down more niched areas of exercise.

Outside might seem the obvious place to start. We can go out the front door, out to a local park, or to another safe area and engage in walking, running, hiking, group sports, water sports, and more.

This can be a low/no cost activity from just the shoes on your feet all the way up through expensive sporting equipment.

Group fitness classes are a low/no cost place to get a great workout. Classes range in size, ability, and focus.

Group fitness classes take place in any number of places. Here in our community specifically, they are available in several gyms, at the senior center and aquatic center, Mohave Community College, several churches, virtually, and more. Group fitness classes are a great way to experience community and enjoy social connections with one another.

Gyms vary in size from small boutique fitness centers focusing on a narrow audience to large gyms catering to a vast group of people. They often have a variety of equipment, long hours to accommodate most schedules, some offer group fitness, some offer personal training, and some offer other amenities as well.

Gyms are a great place to achieve a varied workout, experiment with a variety of equipment without the cost of owning it, be among others while working out, and become part of a greater community.

Personal trainers are certified fitness professionals that curate a plan of movement specifically based on your goals, abilities, interests, and more. These certified professionals maintain their credentials through continuing education and are up to date on the latest in exercise science and any areas they specialize in (for example, I specialize in orthopedic exercise) to provide the best care possible.

The benefit of working with a personal trainer is having individual attention to your goals that can be modified as appropriate for your needs, always having eyes on you for your safety, and having an expert on hand to empower your success but foster a fun environment too.

Virtual movement is something that existed before the pandemic but exploded exponentially once everyone was spending more time at home. Whether using equipment or not, whether pre-recorded or live, virtual workouts are a great way to get movement in the comfort of your own home, office, or while traveling.

My personal bias is on the side of live virtual exercise, and it makes no difference whether it’s a group class or a 1:1 session, but having a live session ensures your safety.

Working with a personal trainer or group fitness instructor virtually allows them to see you and for them to make corrections to movements so that you are not causing harm or injury, or modifications due to a condition or ability so that a workout is comfortable and a success.

There is never a right or wrong choice for how or where you choose to exercise. Our bodies were created for movement and that looks different for each of us. First, we find where we’re comfortable, next time we’ll dig a little deeper into what makes us comfortable with movement.

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Stephanie Lueras is a body-positive certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist and owner of Heart and Sole Fitness in Lake Havasu City. For information, visit

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