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Runners World+ is a tight-knit community as passionate about running as you are. Through RW+, we’ve expanded the ways we can reach you beyond simple stories in a magazine and on a website, offering more unique benefits to help you run faster, stronger, healthier, and happier.

🔓 When you become a RW+ member, you’ll:

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    Want to see what you’ll experience the minute you become a member? Here’s a regularly updated look at all the latest news and cool happenings from RW+. Let’s get better together.

    ➡ Run Your Best Half Marathon Ever

    kara goucher

    Kara Goucher’s 1:06:57 finish at the 2009 Great North Run is still the fastest half marathon ever by an American woman.

    Matt Nager

    The half marathon is where speed meets endurance. It’s achievable for most 5k runners, yet a puzzle for veteran racers to master. It’s a challenge, not a life-altering commitment. It’s also one of the greatest tests of a runner’s mettle, but also serves as a 13.1-mile celebration.

    One smart strategy to help you crush your half: arrive rested. The biggest mistake Olympian Kara Goucher sees half racers make is not tapering adequately. Two weeks out, dial back the intensity and cut your mileage by 20 to 30 percent. In the week leading up to the race, drop your mileage by half, run one light speed workout, and otherwise take short runs with a set of four to six easy strides at the end. “The final week should be about feeling good and getting pop in your legs so that you can let your training shine through on race day,” Goucher says.

    Whether you’re ready to tackle your first or 50th half, read this new feature story to learn how to make it your best yet.

    ➡ Member Shakeout Secrets

    Back in April, we met up with a bunch of members at the 126th Boston Marathon. We held shakeout runs, shared hearty breakfasts, cheered together on race day, and filmed several fun videos.

    john hamilton

    RW+ member Jesse Ruiz of Austin, TX (left) chats with Runner-in-Chief Jeff Dengate (right) during a shakeout run at the 2022 Boston Marathon.

    John Hamilton

    In one clip, RW+ members reveal their PR-worthy pre-race routines. Jesse Ruiz, of Austin, TX, says he incorporates some cross training into his taper. “Two days before a race, I’ll always go on a bike ride for at least three to six miles,” he says. “Then, the day before, I’ll do a nice three-mile shakeout run, followed by some compression sleeve work.” (Check out the weekly RW+ newsletter for more member meetup opportunities.)

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    ➡ The Shoe Q&A

    Test editor Morgan Petruny saw this question on the RW+ Community Page, where members frequently fire off training and gear questions to coaches, staffers, and experts.

    Q: I’ve been running in a motion control shoe for years. I started with Mizuno’s Wave Alchemy, which I loved, but they stopped making it. I’m running in the New Balance 1540 now and it’s fine. But they’re all pretty heavy. Is there another non-motion-control shoe I should be considering? I feel like stability shoes have come a long way and might be lighter.

    —Neil Thomas, London, ON, Canada

    best new balance running shoes

    New Balance

    A: For those wondering, motion control shoes provide the most support you can get when it comes to running shoes. And it’s true, there are fewer and fewer models out there, primarily because they’re so heavy! I’d urge you to take a look at some of the current stability models. I wouldn’t want you to get hooked on another motion control shoe and have it get discontinued again. Plus, I think you’ll get the support you need from a stability shoe, in a much lighter and more comfortable package.

    It sounds like you’ve had luck with New Balance in the past, so I’d point you to the Fresh Foam X 860v12. It’s going to feel significantly lighter than the 1540 you’re running in now, and it doesn’t skimp on cushioning. And New Balance has plenty of width options.

    ➡ Member Spotlight: This Mom Helps New Parents Return to Running After Pregnancy

    colette berry

    Laurel Golio

    Colette Berry wasn’t prepared for postpartum running. So she made it her mission to help other women avoid her complications.

    Berry, a pre- and post-natal personal trainer, says during pregnancy, you should strength train for the surprisingly physical movement patterns that you’ll face, like bathing a baby. “First, master the fundamentals with bodyweight squats, deadlifts, and lunges,” she says. “Then, add weights and combine them into compound movements.” New parents spend a lot of time on the ground, so practice standing up with an offset weight. Make sure to hinge at the hips, and avoid rounding your back by keeping your core engaged.

    See how Berry guides clients through three stages—prenatal, labor, and parenthood—and gives them the tools to return to exercise safely. (When you become an RW+ member, you’ll have the opportunity to be featured in Runner’s World.)

    ➡ Run Stronger and Longer With This Bodyweight Workout

    side leg plank lift


    Members can’t stop clicking on this full-body calisthenics workout from Raj Hathiramani, a certified running coach at Mile High Run Club in New York City. Not only does the rhythmic, equipment-free routine target “big muscles” like hamstrings, but the mix of moves will also reinforce proper running form by helping your upper and lower body work more efficiently together, according to Hathiramani. Try the workout on your next cross-training day, or before heading out for a run.

    ➡ About Runner’s World+

    From day one, Runner’s World has strived to be the definitive, evolving manual for becoming a better runner. We’re enthusiasts who want to spread the joy of running to all runners: beginners, student athletes, joggers, experienced competitors … everyone who has ever laced up a pair of shoes in pursuit of improvement. But the way we talk to you—through training advice, in-depth gear reviews, and inspirational stories—has changed over time, which is why we launched our membership program, Runner’s World+, in 2019. Join today!

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