Mahajan Imaging launches integrated diagnostics centre focused on personalized medicine

Amanda Gerla

Mahajan Imaging has launched an integrated centre of excellence in diagnostics in Delhi to offer precision and personalized treatment to the patients. The new centre which is equipped with a full-fledged pathology and genomics lab also has an R&D department and an AI startup. While delivering the inaugural address at the launch of the centre, Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu highlighted the role of timely diagnosis through preventive health checks and screening programmes at the population level.

While highlighting the role of Public-Private Partnership, he added that emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence can make high-quality and affordable diagnostics accessible across the country. M Venkaiah Naidu further said that the launch of this integrated centre of excellence is a step towards providing high-standard diagnostics to enable doctors diagnose health disorders accurately and make safer interventions while adding that adoption of technology for the betterment of life of the people is crucial and such a diagnostic center will aid this transformation. Private sector adding such advanced facility to the healthcare infrastructure of the country is really praiseworthy. Equipped with 10 high-end medical diagnostic centres in Delhi-NCR and Jaipur, Mahajan Imaging has ventured into a new field called ‘Integrated Diagnostics.’

Dr. Harsh Mahajan, a Padma Shri awardee and Founder & Chief Radiologist, Mahajan Imaging, stressed on the role of combining medical imaging, lab medicine and genomics.

He said that the concept of personalized medicine which is based on diagnosis and targeted treatments is the future of medicine. We will be able to predict genetic probability of various diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders, heart disease and cancer through genomics. The present biological status of multiple tissues and body parts can also be assessed with the use of advanced lab medicine. Both structural and functional imaging will be helpful to diagnose serious diseases timely.”

Designed with aesthetics for patient comfort and spread across five floors, the new centre is equipped with radiology and nuclear medicine technologies. The centre is equipped with a pathology lab with cyto and histopathology and molecular diagnostics along with a Genomics lab with Next Generation Sequencers. This is the only private laboratory in North India to be accredited for genome sequencing of Covid-19 samples.

Dr. Mahajan further explained that the development of predictive AI models can be done by correlating imaging, lab medicine and genomics with clinical outcomes. This will further lead to increased operational efficiency and benefits to patients through quicker, more accurate and affordable diagnoses. Mahajan Imaging besides doing interventional procedures and preventive health checks also plans to start teaching, training, and up-skilling radiologists and technologists with fellowship courses.

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