Blink Fitness in North Jacksonville closes without warning

Amanda Gerla

There’s a sign on the door at Blink Fitness saying the gym is closed and they will communicate soon. Members say they have not been notified about the closure.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Members of a Jacksonville fitness club hoping to work out, instead find themselves worked up.

Blink Fitness in North Jacksonville has closed its doors.

We’re working to learn if and when the Dunn Avenue gym will re-open.

“I just want to know how are y’all going to accommodate clients and people who do have a membership and I hope y’all don’t continue to take money from the clients,” said Rashawn Champion, member of Blink.

“I’d just gotten into my exercise groove and my schedule and I came Tuesday morning expecting to walk into the gym and one of the managers was outside explaining to everybody that the gym had closed,” said Richard Cuff, member of Blink.

A sign on the door currently says, “Closed due to water outage,’ but Richard Cuff says it initially read, “Permanently closed.”

First Coast News reached out to the company Wednesday and the corporate offices responded Thursday saying, “Thank you for reaching out. The Blink Fitness location in Jacksonville, Florida is an independently owned and operated franchise location, so we are unable to comment further on its recent closure.”

In the meantime, members want to know what happens with their membership fees.

“People have paid their memberships and this business was collecting money so the money went somewhere,” said Cuff. On top of money concerns, members worry the closure is disrupting their healthy routine.

“A lot of people are showing up and knocking on the window and looking for answers, so you know a lot of people are going to be let down,” said Champion.

“When something like this happens, our community becomes a little less healthy,” said Cuff.

We will continue to reach out to Blink and as we learn more, we will update this story.

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