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Amanda Gerla

The long dark winter days in Toronto and surrounding areas are cold and do lead Canadians to sit around, and let’s face it, allow fitness to fall by the wayside. Travel takes longer to get to a gym, and even going outside for a jog or a run can be perilous on the ice and snow. With spring and the warmer weather, more Toronto residents are looking to get fit quickly in preparation for summer.

Time is always limited in Toronto and the GTA, and gyms can require travel as services can be spread out within the Toronto area. First Class Personal Training has solved the problem of not having time for a fitness routine at a gym. First Class Personal Training of Toronto, offers in-home fitness training for anyone that is looking to shape up or enhance already existing fitness.

One-on-one personal training with a certified trainer is safer and more effective within a home environment. It is also more relaxed and focused on the specific goals of each client. Visiting a gym can make individuals just “one of a crowd” that is using a gym as opposed to being at home, where individual goals are met more efficiently.

Whether strength and toning are the goals, or cardiovascular health is more important, each trainer that is assigned to each client will know the goals that are to be achieved and work towards them. Nutrition can also be discussed as that also leads to a more fit and happy life.

There are many reasons to choose in-home personal training in Toronto. Time of course is one of them, but the laser focus of an individual trainer cannot be matched inside a gym. The personal trainers at First Class Personal Training are specifically trained in all levels of fitness.

Even individuals who have physical limitations because of an injury or disability can benefit from personal training that is done within their homes without fear of further injury. Many times after physical therapy motion and fitness problems remain, that’s where First Class Physical Training can step in.

If wanting to be out and about while training, a training session can take place at a park or in a backyard, which adds even more to the appeal of this type of service. The choice of time and place is always flexible with First Class Personal Training.

Although many Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted throughout Canada and the GTA, some individuals still prefer safety and First Class Personal Training has taken that into consideration and does use masks, gloves, and sanitized equipment along with face shields. Client safety always comes first in both personal training, health and wellness, and disease prevention. Virtual training is also still available.

About First Class Personal Training

Serving the GTA for years with the finest in personal training and overall fitness, First Class Personal Training now provides one on one personal training on a flexible schedule in-home or virtual. All in-home visits are safe as all Covid-19 guidelines are followed and a certificate of compliance from the Prevention Standards Organization is in place. A form, email, and phone exist on the website for quick contact and/or questions.

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