11 Fun Cardio Workouts For Beginners, According To A TikTok Fitness Trainer

Amanda Gerla

Cardio and fun may be two words you didn’t ever think could go together. After all, the idea of gasping along on a treadmill might be the last thing you want to do after a busy day. However, running isn’t the only workout that’ll make you break a sweat, and there are plenty of fun cardio workouts for beginners that’ll get you excited about putting on your leggings at home. Elite Daily spoke with popular TikTok fitness trainer Brianna Joye about some of the best cardio workouts for anyone looking to start an easy exercise routine that they’ll actually want to keep up with.

While your mind may go directly to the treadmill and running when you think of cardio, these cardio workouts are a lot more enjoyable than that. They’re also for anyone looking to boost the amount of cardio they do each week, including newbies. According to Joye, these “workouts can be done by absolutely anyone,” and a lot of them are full body exercises that’ll get your heart rate up while you have some fun.

You could even get your partner or roomies to join you for an at-home cardio workout party each week. Make it more enjoyable by putting together a playlist of your fave workout songs to listen to while trying these 11 fun cardio workouts recommended by Joye. While you don’t have to love every single workout on this list, you’re sure to find a few that you’ll want to add to your routine ASAP.

This exercise is exactly what it sounds like. You want to alternate kicking your heels to your butt while in place. Instead of running, Joye recommends doing four sets of 20 butt kicks.

Another great cardio workout that you can do is a squat thrust. According to Joye, you’ll want to start in a plank position with your shoulders over your wrists and your core in place. Once you’re in this position, you need to bend your knees forward and jump all the way up till you’re standing. From there, you want to reverse the movement back to your plank position.


High Knees And Jab Cross

This exercise is like kickboxing. You’ll want to do a high knees run in place and make sure to get your knees all the way up to your chest. While doing this, Joye says to “extend your arms out in front of you one after another” and alternate rotating “your fist down to the ground.”

This is a super easy exercise. All you need to do is quickly move your feet in place with your legs hip width apart. Make sure your knees are slightly bent. Joye also says your hands are free to do whatever they’d like while doing these fast feet. If you want to work out your arms as well, you can try doing one of Joye’s dancer arms exercises as well.

These tuck jumps are super fun to do. Starting with your knees slightly bent, you want to jump in the air and tuck your knees to your chest. Your goal is to get higher in your jumps each time, while also keeping your core tight. Just be careful about doing this exercise at home if you don’t live on the first floor.

This exercise is like doing jumping jacks while in a plank position. You’ll want to “start in a high plank” with your shoulders over your wrists, and from there, “jump your feet together and then back out” for a full set.

Here’s another plank-based exercise you can do while listening to your favorite music. From your plank position, bring your knees into your chest one at a time as if you’re climbing a mountain. Joye also recommends mountain climbers for a good ab workout.

Make squats more fun by adding in a jumping element. Joye recommends starting “as low as you can” with your hips back, and from there, jump “as high as you can” while keeping your hands near your chest.

This is an exercise you can easily do while catching up on some Netflix shows. Just bring your arms up and over your head one at a time, while standing with your feet wide and your core tight.

While on the floor, you can also try this plank exercise. With your shoulders over your wrists and thighs touching, rotate your hips to the right and then the left.

These start jumps will be easy to do while watching some TV as well. Just start with your feet together and hips slightly back before jumping as high as you can and reaching your arms straight in “both directions.”


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