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Abolish it!
February 6, 2007, by James Ryan
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. read all >>

Message To West Point
November 29, 2006, by Bill Moyers

Many of you will be heading for Iraq. I have never been a soldier myself, never been tested under fire, never faced hard choices between duty and feeling, or duty and conscience, under deadly circumstances. read all >>

Neither Truth Nor Consequence
November 21, 2006, by James Ryan

America stands shamed in the eyes of the world thanks to the Bush administration’s crime spree. And, as a partial result, the Democrats scored a resounding triumph in an election where only 40.4% of read all >>

Election Eve Daze -- Hanging in There Together
November 06, 2006, by James C. Ryan

Campaigning in Greeley, Colorado on Saturday, the WAR PRESIDENT said,
read all >>

Bush Lends a Hand to G.O.P. Congresswoman in a Tight Race
November 05, 2006, by Jim Rutenber

President Bush came to Colorado farm country on Saturday to lend support to Representative Marilyn Musgrave, a socially conservative Republican who is facing an unexpectedly tough Democratic challenge this year.
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What brought you to see the president today?
November 04, 2006, by Kelly Tracer
I'd like to hear what he has to say. On the one hand it's good but on the other hand it's bad because there are going to be a lot of people here and some of them are
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Impeach the President of the United States
July 10, 2006, by William M. Cross, James C. Ryan, and Joseph J. Wojcik, West Point Graduates Against the War

We have pledged to help reclaim the honor of the United States of America.
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Guantánamo: The Subject Was Linens
June 15, 2006, by James Ryan

Hunger strikes, restraint chairs, forced feedings, beatings, sexual humiliation, sensory bombardment and deprivation, and three Guantánamo detainees commit suicide. read all >>

Cadet Bush at West Point: Screw That Chin In, Beanhead!
June 1, 2006, by James Ryan
Mister Bush, you deserve a good reaming for your performance at the United States Military Academy graduation on Saturday. read all >>

West Point Graduates Against the War Launches Campaign Against the Deceit of the US Government
May 21, 2006 New York

Three alumni of the United States Military Academy at West Point have launched a grassroots movement to convert the disgrace of governmental read all >>

And Now, A Word About West Point, or Should That be West Point®?
May 21, 2006 New York By Peter Applebome
IT'S possible that Big Brother is trampling on free speech in the matter of West Point versus West Point Graduates Against the War.But it's most likely that there's a more familiar threat to health and safety: read all >>
the raw storyAnti-war West Point grads told to stop using school's name

May 19, 2006 @ 1:05 pmFiled by Melissa McEwan

An attorney for the U.S. Military Academy has sent a letter to the founders of a group of anti-war West Point graduates, informing them that the term "West Point" cannot be used by the organization, RAW STORY has learned. read all >>

znetWest Point Graduates Against The War: Now Is The Time
May 12, 2006, by James Ryan; West Point Graduates Against the War

We members of West Point Graduates Against The War  stand appalled at the deceitful behavior of the government of the United States and, in particular, its widely known malefactors. read all >>

"Duty, Honor, Trademark ..."
May 8, 2006, Privatizing West Point, By Col. DAN SMITH
Caution: writing and soon even saying "West Point," "United States Military Academy," "USMA," or "U.S. Army" in a context a military lawyer doesn't like could
read all >>

Of West Point, War and Pizza
What's in a Name?

May 6-7, 2006 By James Ryan, Weekend Edition

When is a "West Point" graduate no longer a "West Point" graduate? That's easy, according to the legal experts at the United States Military Academy. read all >>

Quit Using Our Name, West Point Warns Grad Former cadets against Iraq war use alma mater to describe group.
April 21, 2006, 10:21 AM

There's a West Point Barber Shop, West Point Pizza and West Point Florist.
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'West Point' Off Limits to Anti-War Alums
April 21, 2006 by William Kates (AP)

The Army warned an anti-war group of former U.S. Military Academy cadets to stop using the words "West Point" in its name, saying they are trademarked.
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West Pointers speak up
Generals aren't the only ones against the war

April 20, 2006 By Greg Bruno Times Herald-Record

West Point - If defenders of the defense secretary need a scapegoat, here's an idea: Blame West Point. read all >>


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