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July 4, 2006
Thank you for your website and for the stand that you have taken. You represent what I was raised to value about West Point, and your voice offers a credible counter to our Secretary of Defense's dismissive attitude toward the professionalism, expertise, and commitment of your fellow alumni.
My grandfathers, Gen. Omar Bradley and Gen. Herman Beukema, were both from the Class of 1915. Of note in this context is the work of Gen. Beukema. He served as chair of the Social Sciences Department there, where he initiated the vision that was carried forward by Gen. George Lincoln to equip our military leadership to serve and to provide expertise in the increasingly complex world of geopolitics. It has been ceaselessly distressing to see Rumsfeld sweep aside that depth of professionalism in favor of his own wishful thinking and to see the tragic price we are paying for ideology trumping empirical, professional judgment in the lives and losses, not only of so many fine, dedicated Americans, the coalition forces and their families, but also in the sweeping “collateral” losses. Our decline in credibility and trustworthiness on the geopolitical stage may take many years to recover from.
My father, Maj. Henry Shaw Beukema, Class of 1944, served in military intelligence in Berlin before electing to join the Air Force at the split in service branches. His career and his place in our family were both abruptly and sadly truncated when he was killed in active duty in 1953 in a flight accident out of Langley Field.
I would be proud to support and to be counted as a member of your organization.

Omar Bradley Beukema
Chevy Chase, Maryland

July 2, 2006
Hello Gentlemen,
I just discovered your site Unfortunately, I'm not eligible to join your organization because I'm not a West Pointer BUT I do support you and admire your public stance against this ill-gotten and ill-conceived war in Iraq.
I'm a retired US Army E-8 (11B/13E) and Vietnam combat vet who has one son (Cpl) in the Marines (already been to Afghanistan) and a son-in-law (WO2) in the Army (deploying to SW Asia this month). My father was a decorated Darby Ranger (4th & 1st Bn) from WW2 and combat vet of Korea as well. He had been awarded three purple hearts and two silver stars. I guess you could say we're a proud military family and a family that believes in service and in our country.
Anyway, I want to say thank you for speaking up and for organizing. My wish is the same as yours: to stop this g**damn war and bring our troops home and then imprison the depraved S.O.B's that instigated this mess.
I know from a lot of reading over the years graduates of the USMA usually aspire to high level management and leadership positions within government and private industry. PLEASE do everything you can to persuade these grad's into joining your cause. I don't expect active duty officers to speak out but I would like to hear more voices from the former or retired officer corps. Our government and the media are NOT listening to or paying any attention to the common people. You need to find a way to get more exposure and publicity and do it on a frequent basis. You need to get on the political talk shows like Meet the Press, Face the Nation and Hard Ball with Chris Matthews for starters.
This administration will only respond to coordinated, public 'forays' against them that make them feel threatened and you gentlemen need to find a way to really frighten them and put them on the defensive. Those of us who can only blog or e-mail or conduct small time demonstrations have no serious influence. However, folks like you have the intelligence, the experience and the credibility to make a difference and to have an impact that can possibly put an end to the public silence and complacency so evident in our society.
As silly as this may sound, I suggest you characterize yourselves as modern day Knights of the Round Table, warriors bound together with a Code of Honor, sent forth to educate the masses by bringing them truth and documented facts, thus exposing the governmental liar's for what they are and hopefully bring an end to the careers of the dishonorable administrators of what has become a corrupt theocracy; no longer our once proud democracy. Anyway, that's the way I'm looking at you gentlemen.

John Ryan Jr ( US Army retired)
Rising Sun, Maryland

PS: I made a visit to West Point in ' 64 during June Week when I was a high school junior and fell in love with the place. Always dreamed of being admitted but didn't have the grades, I'm sad to I enlisted instead. By the way,I want you to know that if I was still on active duty as a 1SG I would do everything within my power to prevent my unit from deploying to Iraq as well as encourage all my troops to 'stand down' and the consequences and subsequent name calling be damned. That's the truth !

June 25, 2006
Dear Grads,
I'm sorry I can't join you. I was a graduate of Class 1968-E USAF Officer Training School. Not the prestige of West Point, but our hearts were in the right place, and we "showed up".... which is more than can be said for most of our current political braintrusts.
During my era we had an organization called the Concerned Officers Movement.... protesting the logic of Vietnam. I was a member. At the time, those who belonged did our jobs well and honorably but were constantly harassed for disagreement with the system.... and we continued to be harassed after we left the service. As we look back.... who was right?
How bizarre... that the same system that we offered our lives for served to stifle our thoughts and our speech. How insane.... that "someone" ... "somewhere"..... has the audacity to prey upon YOUR well meaning organization with "squeaky shoed" lawyers peddling irrelevant legal jargon in order to stifle YOUR thoughts and YOUR speech. We are living amongst an incredibly stupid, greedy, dangerously self serving and politically destructive Administration. They have put our country, our Constitution and our moral capital in dire straits.
If there is for sure a God, he could not possibly bless what the current Administration is trying to sell as "America." .... and who calls out pleas of "support the troops"... when, in fact, they hope the ignorant will convert their call to .... "support the Administration." There is a "real" America out here that is not yet dead.... and that your organization is showing the signs to defend. Keep up the good work. Regards,
Royal Barnard
Rutland, Vermont

June 15, 2006
Thank You so much!!
Learning about your organization restored a bit of my lost hope for this nation. Again, our defense is left to you, our nation’s very best. Thank you all again,
Tim Welsh
Muldraugh, Kentucky

June 12, 2006
Although not a West Point grad, I wholeheartedly support your group. I served as a US Navy SeaBee from 1990-1996 (enlisted), then completed my undergraduate coursework at the University of Oklahoma. I did not see combat, but was involved in logistical support for the first Gulf War, Somalia and Haiti. Like the members of your group, I am disheartened by this administration’s proven history of deception and their refusal even now to acknowledge their actions were in haste, at best, and criminal at worst. George W. Bush will certainly be remembered for this failed action and, unfortunately, I fear his administration’s policies will have a lengthy negative affect upon the US military.
I offer a salute to West Point Grads Against the War for continuing to honor not only the West Point Cadet Honor Code, but also the Army’s motto: “This We’ll Defend.”
Keep up the good fight.

Isaac M. O’Bannon
Norman, Oklahoma

June 10, 2006
I’m not a West Point (can I use that term???) graduate, but I was commissioned in 1970 and spent ten great years in the Army Medical Corps as a physician. I was chief of the Family Practice department at Fort Sill prior to resigning my commission in 1983 for private practice here in Utah (The Delusional State). Then I was truly proud to wear the uniform.
The argument that you are infringing a copyright is about as disingenuous as anything I’ve ever heard. Don’t let the bastards intimidate you. Their argument is totally without substance. To be able to open a dry cleaning business off campus using the “West Point” name and not be able to use it in a non-profit group turns reason on its head. You are, in fact, West Point graduates. That cannot be denied, and to not identify yourself as such would be meaningless.
You are doing a great service in pointing out the lies and corruption and utter folly of the most mendacious, secretive, incompetent and dangerous administration in our nation’s long history. These vicious men and women have spit on the Constitution, violated their oaths of office, committed “high crimes” (if ever that term had a meaning!), compromised, not improved, our national security, and in doing so they have dishonored the military that swore to defend us. They have turned our armed forces into a foreign expeditionary force, an army of conquest and empire, a global enforcer of a twisted American foreign policy, rather than using our dedicated men and women in uniform for their true purpose of defending us and our allies from invasion and imminent threat, as our armed forces were designed to do. This is a cynical and despicable use of our military, and it must stop.
Thank you for your good efforts, and best of luck.

Will Durant, MD
Vernal, Utah

June 1, 2006
I am not an alum of West Point, but my mother's three brothers all were. I don't know if this qualifies me to sign your petition. Her brothers were: Colonel John C Edwards, graduate 1938. Captain Robert Edwards, graduate 1940, Lt Colonel Stephen O Edwards, graduate 1946. If this is too remote a connection to sign your petition, I understand. I grew up very proud of the tradition of military service in my family –someone in our family had fought in every war this country was engaged with from 1645 on; my husband is a veteran of the Royal Navy – so I am saddened and outraged that our servicemen and women are dying and risking their lives to support the intolerable actions of our government. If I am not eligible to sign your petition, please know you have my deepest respect and support.

Sara N Paretsky
Chicago, Illinois

May 28, 2006
To The Real American Patriots
It is Sunday morning as I write to you, and I have new reason to "praise God" and renewed "hope for America"!! I heard your comments on George W. Bush's speech to the 2006 Graduating Class of West Point. And, I was moved, both, patriotically and spiritually.
For Christmas in 1959, at the age of thirteen, my parents gave me a copy of a book I wanted desperately to read: "The West Point Story"!! I must have read that book, cover to cover, at least twenty times. It instilled in my mind and heart a passion to attend The military academy at West Point. That dream of mine never came to fruition, but the patriotism that was begun, in my soul, continued to deepen and grow over the years.
The very first President that I have memories of from my childhood is Dwight D. Eisenhower. And each time that I enter the voting booth to select a new President, I make evaluations and comparisons based on Eisenhower's leadership qualities.
Following graduation, during the Vietnam years, I served as a Laotian Interpreter in the Army Security Agency, Military Intelligence, United States Army. That at a time when President Nixon was telling Americans and the World, "we have no troops in Laos."
Now, in retirement, following thirty years of Christian leadership as an Ordained Pastor in the Presbyterian Church USA, (of which President & Mrs.Eisenhower were members), I have spent most of my time studying that era of our national history referred to as "The American Civil War" or "The War of Secession", or "That Recent Un-Pleasantness"!! After reading every word on your web-page and fully understanding what The Honor Code" means and what you stand for, I can proudly rise to my feet stiffen my back-bone; snap a proud salute to you and say along with the hundreds of thousands of American men and women who gave their lives in our American Civil War: "HUZZAH! HUZZAH!! HUZZAH!!!"
Thank God for you, your organization, and your courage to BE AMERICANS in the truest fashion!! And, may God continue to bless you, your efforts, and America!!
Patriotically Yours,

Rev. John T. Campbell
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

May 24, 2006
I would like to thank you for your courageous and righteous stand. As a citizen of South Vietnam, I served with the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) in the last year of the war (1974-75).
Khiem Do
Yorba Linda, California

May 20, 2006
God bless you and your efforts
I am sorry I don't qualify for membership, but you have my whole-hearted support and admiration. I'm an American living in Canada and see these lies and crimes from a distance that makes them all the more appalling. What you have done must have taken great courage and soul-searching. God bless you and your efforts.
Jeff P.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

May 17, 2006
I am unable to join you directly as I was in the British army. Your stand is the best news I have read for a long time and restores my hope that America will lead the world for the benefit of all peoples.
Roger Gill
Auckland, New Zealand

May 16, 2006
Alas! I cannot join you as my training in 1960-61 was at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst not at West Point.
I would just like to say you do your country honour by your actions. How I have despaired to see within the American military what must be an almost routine giving and obeying of unlawful commands under not just this ghastly Administration but under the several preceding in their dirty wars in Latin America. What is the West fighting for but for an honourable and decent way of life. You cannot achieve that end by means of the opposite.
Until I read your Website, I had disgustedly assumed that ethics was no longer on the West Point curriculum.
May you succeed in restoring your nation’s honour and the true values of the civilization of the West.

Hugh Steadman,
Blenheim, New Zealand

May 15, 2006
Dear Fellow Veterans,
I cannot join your organization because I am not a graduate of West Point.  However, I
did serve as a military police officer in Vietnam in 1966 assigned to the 29th Civil Affairs Battalion attached to the Marines in I Corps. It took courage in that era also to publicly contradict and oppose the stance and policy of the government of the United States, particularly if you were part of the military. At the same time, military opponents of the war carried then, and do still today, a unique credibility—they have served their country and have earned the right, in an exalted way, to oppose the war they had been assigned or volunteered to fight. In your case, you bring to the table the prestige and renown of the West Point Military Academy. The academy cannot serve a more noble of important cause than to speak to the American people on behalf of its soldiers and to oppose policies that place them needlessly, even duplicitously, at risk. Good luck in your efforts and know that many Americans applaud your courage and support your cause.

Paul W. McBride
Retired Professor of History and (long ago) Vietnam Veteran

p.s.  Don’t be cowed by official accusations that in using the name of the academy you
are violating its copyright status.  It is embarrassing to see senior military
authorities attempt to deny West Point Graduates the right to call themselves West Point

May 14, 2006
I am not a West Point Graduate - nor am I an American, but I wanted to express my support. My grandfather served in WWII. He was one of the soldiers who liberated Belsen. He said that we should use our experiences in WWII to try to make sure that such things never happen again. He believed in acting honourably and justly. I believe the war in Iraq is an illegal, immoral and unjust war. I salute your protest and thank you for it. I live in a country (Australia) which has unconditionally supported your corrupt Administration. I condemn my own Government for the same reason you condemn yours. One of our citizens is in Guantanemo Bay accused of being a member of the Taliban. An officer from the American Army is acting as his lawyer and has been doing a wonderful job, acting with integrity and honour. He, as with your group, is an example of a citizen and a soldier acting honourably when the Government of the day acts corruptly and contemptuously. Once again - I offer you my wholehearted support and I stand with you in condemning the Coalition of the Willing and their immoral acts.
Mark Leahy
Adelaide, Australia

May 14, 2006
Not a Grad, but just had to thank you
Thank you so much for showing the courage and honor that I believe is the true power of
this country—not the bombs, tanks and ships, nor the clever trade lawyers and CIA assassins. Just ordinary people who stand up when they find that they must.
You honor yourselves and our country.
Jeff Gilmore
Half Moon Bay, California

May 11, 2006
Nobody in my family is in your ranks. My dad, Ray E. Prigmore, was a decorated hero from D-Day. 13 days into the landing, he took machine gun bullets to his torso… 8 to be exact... and the 9th when he fell... that last one nipped his heel. He volunteered. Hated 'Nam... hates these current wars. I thought all men had nine navels until I was of some age of appreciation. He is now 86, having lived well with one eye, one lung, one intestine, one kidney, and other assorted shortcomings. A medic was there when he fell, and he never lost consciousness.
What can I do to prevent this from happening to someone else? At least I, as an educated person, having attained a doctorate, in jurisprudence, of all things, may have a voice.
I want to scream about my beloved country that seems to be destroying itself. Thomas Jefferson recommended the government reinvent itself every 7 years. He called it revolution.
I want to help you get out the information to the general public who just does not understand we are headed straight into a WWIII that will be a Pyrrhic victory.I give you permission to print my name and location. It would be cowardly of me to hide behind initials. My father was hit from the front, not the back, and I am, at the end of the day, my father's daughter.
Laura Lee Prigmore, Esq.
Coldspring, Texas

May 9, 2006
Dear West Point Grads Against The War:
I have no connection to West Point, but I saw the article about you in the Poughkeepsie Journal this week. I teach freshman English in two colleges in the Hudson Valley and I have always taught Orwell's "Politics and the English Language." Never has it been more true. Knowing that there is still honor in America heartens me. God bless you and God help us as we try to change the most dishonorable and dangerous course this president has us on. I am a '75 Vassar graduate and a poet; never did I think my children would see another such war as Vietnam. This is even worse, if that is possible. I support you in all that you do.
Raphael Helena Kosek
Hopewell Junction, New York

May 8, 2006
I want to add my thanks and appreciation
I am so grateful that you have formed this group and stepped forward to tell the truth. Every section of your website is exactly what it should be. After many years of battling with my conscience I left the States, believing that voting with my feet is ultimately the only choice. Of course it does not exonerate me or any American from our collective responsibility for the atrocities and injustices being committed in our name, and I continue to write letters and express my opinion whenever I have the chance. The existence of your group gives me a sense of reassurance, telling me that indeed there was and still are honorable, peace-loving, and honest members of the armed services. I only wish your colleagues would drop their fears and self-interest, and whatever else is getting in their way, to listen and join you in your efforts. May you have a deep and lasting influence on them and their successors.
Francesca Rogier
Halifax, Nova Scotia

May 6, 2006
I am sorry I don't qualify for membership, but you have my whole-hearted support and admiration. I'm an American living in Canada and see these lies and crimes from a distance that makes them all the more appalling. What you have done must have taken great courage and soul-searching. God bless you and your efforts.
Jeff P.Winnipeg, Manitoba

I support you and the premise of your group! "A cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do." I always wanted to attend West Point but did not have the grades or guidance to get me there. But I did serve 6 years as an enlisted person with almost four of those years at the White House Communications Agency. I've always tried to live my life according to that rule above.
I saw the story about the USMA sending a trademark warning to your group and wanted to send my support to you. We need men and women with backbone to stand up and say this war, these lies, are wrong! GOOD FOR YOU!
I now have a son who I hope I can raise properly so he "may have the opportunity" to reach the heights I couldn't.
Thank you,
Shane Erwin
Largo, Florida

May 5, 2006
I will be honored to join your organization. My father graduated from West Point in 1944.
I was raised with Duty, Honor, Country foremost in my value system. During the conflict in Vietnam, that led me to apply for deferment as a conscientious objector. That may seem counterintuitive, but when our government does immoral acts in our name and uses the military to further its agenda, then honor demands action. Denying myself participation in a society I loved was a small sacrifice.
Similar times are upon us again. Some lessons are never really learned, it seems.Thank you for being there.
Oakland, California

"Truth comes out of error more easily than out of confusion." Francis Bacon

May 5, 2006
Dear Sirs:
I am in wholehearted agreement with your cause. I would love to join with you formally, however, I was in the USAF. I am a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where I completed AFROTC. I flew as an Electronic Warfare Officer in B-52s and completed 65 bombing missions in Viet Nam. I believe that war is a poor means of dealing with problems and should be engaged in only as a last resort.
I commend all of you for taking the courageous step to speak out. You are, indeed, a tribute to the United States Military Academy, to the United States Army, and to the United States of America. I salute you!
Ron C.
Denver, Colorado

May 5, 2006
Dear Sirs,
I am heartened when I see credible individuals and groups such as yours stand and speak out about this immoral and illegal war. At the same time I find myself very concerned by the reaction and arguments of those who promote these wars. I think the fact that 'they', and it may not be just the academy, feel righteous to the point where they'd use such a specious argument is a cause for great concern.
I feel very entitled to my opinion about war. I was drafted right after high school and served in Vietnam in 1967-68. First as an infantryman and then later was reassigned and flew 10 months as a helicopter door-gunner. The parallels between that event and this is striking, not to mention very, very disturbing.
I applaud and appreciate your courageous and wise stance and want to encourage you to continue to speak out. I hope your voice carries far.
With best regards,
F. Stiles
El Cajon, California

May 2, 2006
Senior Patriots Against the War in Iraq
I am sorry that I do not qualify to be a member of your honorable organization. Here in Leisure World, a retirement community in Seal Beach, California, we have organized a group called Senior Patriots Against the War in Iraq. On the 29th of April we had a demonstration for two hours in front of our community, with flags and signs, protesting this illegal war. Virtually everyone who passed us during that time honked their approval of our actions and position or gave us a thumbs up. When seniors in their 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's have to get up out of their walkers to protest this conflict, you know that all popular support is gone. God bless you all and God help America. Together we can end this war, bring our troops back home and even salvage our country's honor.
Tom Pontac
Seal Beach, California

April 30, 2006
Hi folks,
Eisenhower was brilliant! Thanks for posting his quotes.
I'm not a grad or relative. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking out. You truly exemplify honor--putting our America first, before party or president.
God bless you all.
Susan Sackett-Wilk
Dallas, Texas

April 26, 2006
Dearest Truly Brave Fighters for Truth, Justice, and Peace. I am not an American and not a West Point graduate. Just flipping through your web pages brought tears in me from reading the very encouraging and hopeful quotes and messages.As a fellow God's creature in the same ailing spaceship, i.e. planet earth, I can't help but feel the same way about our seeking and to stand for truth and justice for fellow human beings and other fellow occupants of this ailing space ship. We were created as human beings, the perfect creature above all other of God's creatures, and entrusted to lead this world to prosperity and not to destruction, and to protect all other weaker creatures on earth. He created us in different colors and tribes so that we can do good deeds to one another. I hope we can share this obligation to fulfill God's trust and save our ailing ship together.May peace be with you and your loved ones and may God's blessings be with you always.
Abdul Karim Abdul Aziz
Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia

April 25, 2006
Congrats Mates
At last someone in America is willing to stand up for humanity and justice against this present U.S.A-initiated, illegal, disastrous, Iraq war, built on lies.
Desmond Grimmer
Perth, Western Australia.

April 24, 2006
With appreciation, support, and applause
Dear West Point Graduates Against the War,
I may not qualify to join you, but I very much appreciate, support, and applaud your efforts.
I was engaged to a West Point graduate, class of '65, who later volunteered for duty in Vietnam and was one of four soldiers in Charlie Company, 2/14th Infantry, killed in action in Vietnam on 30 Apr 1968.
Dick was a man of great honor and duty, very devoted to his country. Even though we eventually had differences about the Vietnam War, he steadfastly and courageously held to his convictions, discipline, and excellent military training. The consummate soldier and officer.
Now I'm sure he would no longer support the war in Iraq or the rumored plans for attacking Iran. He lived the Cadet Honor Code: "A cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do." We must not tolerate the Bush administration's many lies leading up to and still continuing about this misguided and disastrous war.
Thank you for standing up and speaking out!
With respect,
Trudy Johnson-Lenz
Portland, Oregon

April 24, 2006
I want to thank you for being true patriots. I am 65 years old and I never thought I would see this country reach the depths that it has under this criminal administration. You give me hope.
Melissa S.Wilton, California

April 24, 2006
"Ring Knockers"
I'm regretful that I do not qualify for membership. I served as an officer in the RVN combat zone, certainly in harm's way. Along with many veterans, I have opposed this war from the very start. When the Neo-Con Chickenhawks declared preemptive war, I was at a family BBQ conversing with a Lieutenant Colonel [ret]. We both laughed cynically, "What weapons of mass destruction?" I replied, "They're stenciling them at Langley, Virginia as we speak." Shaking our heads, we both reached for another beer.
I have been active in the peace movement. I applaud your stand against deceit on a scale that puts our Democracy in peril. I remain in support of our troops. I don't want them squandered for LIES. May your organization grow & capture the public's eye.
Dirk Van Gelder
RVN 68/69
101st Abn.

April 23, 2006
I am the proud grandson of a deceased USAF Lt. Col and the son of a current DOD Civil Servant. I was raised in a military community at Eglin Air force Base. I am so glad that true patriots and leaders like yourselves are stepping forward to show the world the honor that exists in the hearts, minds, and souls of American military personnel. I wish you the best in all that you do. Know that you are supported by this unrepentant, radical, southern leftist!! May we see a day when all hold themselves responsible to the Honor Code.
C. M.
Asheville, North Carolina

April 23, 2006
Appreciation & Support for West Point Graduates Against the War
I write with great respect for your organization.
You have provided one of the most cogent, well documented and defensible expressions to the opposition to the Iraq war I've seen. Huzzahs.
Your web-site is brilliantly executed, bringing together ethical and legal evidence substantiating your stand against the hubris and violence of the neo-conservatives, crafting a powerful message. 'm particularly impressed at the thought and rigor behind the choice of pages and links on the site. That you understand the power of language delights me. Your construction is a powerful tool that deserves inclusion into school curricula in colleges of all disciplines of the humanities. I am a frequent guest lecturer at college and university campuses, speaking against the war, our nation's violations of law in pursuit of policies of aggression and the culture of warring now so pervasive in our country. I provide a web-site bibliography for students. I ask that they apply rigor to inquire of themselves what they stand for, what our constitution demands of our citizenry and leadership, and to discover for themselves what international law and conscience demand of us as a nation.
Doing so, I urge them to ground their stand for peace: to grapple with moral and ethical conundrums out of an ethical grounding in principals that they can enunciate for themselves, and then, from that basis, gather the facts, weigh the evidence, and defend their stand from the grounding in principle and in fact. What better starting point in that quest for grounding than the Code of Honor?
The often muddle-headed, if well meaning, rhetoric of many in the peace movement generally fails to reach the mainstream. Your site speaks powerfully beyond the choir, demanding, as it does, examination of the facts and reflection upon our honor as a nation in the face of those facts.
I have put your web at the top of the bibliography.
As the father of a former career Marine NCO and Iraq vet (one who recently ended his nearly eleven year career as a matter of honor), as a Vietnam Vet, as an American citizen, and as a man beguiled and anguished over an administration gone amok, thank you.
You serve our nation well.
Veterans For PeaceOrange County
Daniel Kelly, California

April 22, 2006
I am the daughter of a West Point graduate (1931) who fought in the front lines in both WWII and Korea and was buried at the West Point Cemetery in 1985.
May I join your illustrious and brave patriots who are opposed to the stupid and foolhardy regime which thrust us into this war?
J R Mehrer
Tucson, Arizona

April, 22, 2006
I am just a very grateful citizen who wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts for us. I read about your group and went on your site, saw that you are actually sticking to what you understand are the principles upon which this nation was founded with a very true intent and I
wanted to convey my gratitude. I have recently heard the audio recording of Mr. Eisenhower's speech and was amazed to hear what he said and how prescient his ideas were. What YOU all are doing is "helping" all of us and I wish you the very best. We need every good intent we can muster nowadays-as you are more than aware.
Again, my thanks to you all,
Paula K.
McKinleyville, California

April 21, 2006
I am an 8-year veteran of the United States Army, unfortunately I am unable to join as I am not part of the Long Gray Line. During my time in service I had the honor of serving with many fine West Point graduates. Your actions are in keeping with not only the Code, but also the important place in our history that West Point Alumni have held in just about every aspect of our nation. Each generation has it's challenges and this travesty compels every citizen to speak out and be an agent of change.
In retrospect, it is obvious that our Congress and our President have not only failed the nation, but have broken the social contract that every person in uniform has with our leadership. When we took the oath upon entering the service we willingly subjugated ourselves to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the direction or lawful orders by the President and Congress. However, the President and Congress have an obligation to listen to the advice from the senior leadership of our Army and other services. We are also not to be used as cannon fodder for narrow political agendas. It is obvious from the way General Eric Shinseki (a West Point graduate) was treated while serving as Army Chief of Staff that this did not happen.
While reading the Eisenhower Farewell recently, I thought of another speech he made a number of years before. Knowing that no person hates war more than a soldier, read these words-"The way chosen by the United States was plainly marked by a few clear precepts, which govern its conduct in world affairs.
First: No people on earth can be held, as a people, to be enemy, for all humanity shares the common hunger for peace and fellowship and justice.
Second: No nation's security and well-being can be lastingly achieved in isolation but only in effective cooperation with fellow-nations.
Third: Any nation's right to form of government and an economic system of its own choosing is inalienable.
Fourth: Any nation's attempt to dictate to other nations their form of government is indefensible.
And fifth: A nation's hope of lasting peace cannot be firmly based upon any race in armaments but rather upon just relations and honest understanding with all other nations...”
(Dwight D Eisenhower's speech The Chance for Peace in 1953)
I am with you.
David Gregory
Marion, Arkansas

April 20, 2006
It must help you to know that you are supported by all the Generals who are now coming out against Rumsfeld, and indirectly the war.This is unprecedented, and shows that you are not alone.
I get messages occasionally to join the Naval Academy organizations, because my husband was a Naval Aviator, (now deceased). But I found myself thinking - I'd rather be with those West Point Grads against the war!
Austin, Texas

April 17, 2006
You have my complete respect for what you are doing. You are sticking to your morals that were established by some of greatest Americans in our history! Thank you stating your ideals for the rest of the country!
Kyle Gottschalk
Omaha, Nebraska

April 16, 2006
I can't join you due to the fact I am not a West Point Grad. I do appreciate your site due to the fact I have served in both the Air Force during Vietnam) and the Navy after that. I was medically discharged from the Navy due to injuries from my Air Force days. I am sick of how our military is being abused as well as our nation.
I salute you as an American and as an old Sgt.
Herb Bourne
Columbia, Mississippi

April 16, 2006
I'm not an alumni or relative but I want to commend you on your principles and your oath to duty, honor, and country.
Pax Amicus!
Lori Vogel
Glen Gardner, New Jersey

April 16, 2006
To you brave and proud Grads Against the War,
I am writing to you to thank you for your inspiration to a rank and file American citizen that is going insane with the actions of this current political administration. As the son of a mother and father that served for the United States Army in the conflict of Korea, I only regret that I am not an alumni so I could join you in your stand against the horrors that occupy the news and my constant thoughts.
When Randi Rhodes of Air America Radio read your mission statement, your Purpose statement, it brought me to tears. To see men and women of such a proud and critical National Institution have to come out against these (mis)leaders both breaks my heart and encourages me. All I can say is God bless you for your courage and your proud voices. Please make as much noise as you can as the more American citizens that become aware of your stance, the less effective the spell of Karl Rove and the policies of divisiveness that he cast over the electorate will be.
Please let me know if I can help in any way.
Kevin S. Gill
Los Angeles, California

April 16, 2006
I am a long-retired officer of the Massachusetts Air National Guard so am unable to join your organization, though I certainly would if I could. I do, however, salute you all on your integrity and your courage. I have been very dismayed at the silence of military officers, especially of West Point graduates, in the face of the dismantling of the American military tradition of truth and honor. You have corrected that failing.
Every officer, in the Pentagon and in the field, should be given a copy of the words of the founders of your organization and of Dwight D. Eisenhower to read slowly and deliberately. They speak to the very essence of what it means to be an officer in the U.S. military.
You give me, and all the friends and family to whom I have forwarded your site, hope that we may soon see the end of this dark and very dangerous period in American history. I thank you all for standing up for truth and honor.
Dr. Fredric G. Shotz

April 16, 2006
Thank you for your position. So many of our generation seem lost in the lies, it is good to hear clarity from those you respect. As a product of a family with generational military history, it pains me to see the military being abused by the administration as it is. Thank you for taking a stance.
Jenny M.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

April 15, 2006
This is not an email to join as I am not a West Point graduate and neither are any of my relatives. I just came across your site and I wanted to say bravo, bravo, bravo. And, sincerely, thank you for your activism and Bravery. Inspiring.
Katie Stimpson
New York

April 14, 2006
I can't tell you how happy I was to hear of your organization and website. My faith has been restored in the values I learned from my father, Frank Smith Kirkpatrick, Col. USA, Class of l924. I am proud of the stand you are making against this war and the lies perpetrated about it. I particularly liked Eisenhower's statement.
I would like to add my name to your group.
Elizabeth Stice
Austin, Texas

April 14, 2006
John BairChula Vista, CaliforniaApril 15, 2006FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEARTI did not attend West Point nor am I in the military. But I wanted to thank the West Point Graduates Against the War from the bottom of my heart for their loyalty, courage, and patriotism to protect our beloved country from the domestic executive evil, determined to destroy freedom, liberty, and justice for all. You may be our last hope...
Leslie Pool
Dripping Springs, Texas

April 14, 2006
Wonderful WEBSITE
I am not a West Point graduate, but my nephew ('01) and my niece ('04) are, and having visited the place countless times I feel a strong connection.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful web site. I belong to no political party; I’m just an American who is deeply saddened by the current state of our government. I do feel in the long run we can turn things around, so I'm still optimistic. Thank you all for your service. Peace.Robert F.
San Antonio, Texas

April 14, 2006
I just finished reading your site. I just want you to know that many of us out here who are not connected with the military in any way still have an appreciation for the usual reluctance of military people to take issue with the Commander in Chief. In light of that, your willingness to come out with your open, well-grounded disapproval is especially significant. I will be spreading your URL around as liberally as I can manage and hope it finds its way to people who can officially support you.
This situation has become more frightening than the Cuban Missile Crisis. George Bush and his cabal are scaring me to death. Even though I've been on this planet for about the same length of time as you founders of WPGATW, and therefore supposedly a grown-up, I frequently give in to fantasizing about somebody marching into the White House and forcibly removing those people, throwing them in irons, and shipping them off to The Hague… preferably before they start up with the nukes on Iran.
Ms. Lee Baxter
Redmond, Washington

April 14, 2006
Great site, makes me proud.
M. Petrone
Sutter Creek, California

April 14, 2006
heartily applaud your efforts
Dear Fellow Americans,
I heard about your site on Air America’s pod cast of Randi Rhodes's program. Listening to her read your "OUR PURPOSE" page brought a tear to my eye. It's so painfully rare that I've heard truly patriotic words like yours spoken. THANK YOU for your eloquence and sincerity. I've read every page of your site and I think you've done this nation a significant favor. Are any of the recently-retired military general officers (Zinni, Shinseki, Powell, etc.) who have recently spoken out against Sec. Rumsfeld and/or the conduct of the war signatories of this site? If not, might you be able to induce some of them to sign up?
With all my sincerest good wishes,
Dan Kalikow,
PhD Massachusetts
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell

April 14, 2006
I admire your courageous stand. My brother died in Germany April 1945.
Pre-emptive war is wrong.
Della McCulloch
Tulsa, Oklahoma

April 14, 2006
May God bless you for speaking out. Our country is being led and changed into something that was not intended by our founding fathers. I thank God there are still voices of reason in our military. It is time to bring honor back to our military leaders.
Gerald Owens
East Moline, Illinois

April 13, 2006
Good Job
Dear Sir,
As a Vietnam Veteran who served 19 months there as a lowly enlisted man I knew many officers. Those from West Point were the best. I am in complete agreement with the ideas that are on this website. You guys are true patriots and I know that it hurts to come out against this illegal immoral war. It is just the right thing to do.
Take care.
John S Lucas
El Cerrito, California
243 ASHC
1st Aviation Brigade 1967-69
and like you a PATRIOT!!

April 13, 2006
I'm not eligible to join. Just want to say that I've read some of your pages, and am both impressed by and grateful for your stand, by your "speaking truth to power." My father was an Army physician, near frontlines in France, WWI, one of my sons served 12 years in the Navy, another son served 21 years in the Coast Guard. I wondered what I could do, until the idea came to be a volunteer in the wards at a nearby VA hospital, to give whatever small assistance might be possible, e.g., reading, writing letters, etc.)
With confidence there will one day be peace and healing,
Vancouver, Washington

April 13, 2006
Thank you for speaking truth to power. My husband is with the Band of Brothers and is running as a democrat for the 1st congressional seat in Georgia. Although not a West Point graduate, I salute you. Please see and “Contract with American Veterans" therein.
Marty Nelson
Savannah, Georgia

April 13, 2006
I heard about you on Mike Malloy tonight. I’m a 1998 Air Force Academy graduate. I’m still in, stationed here in DC. There is no such organization as of yet for us, but I wanted to say thanks.
D. L
Washington, DC United States Air Force Academy, 1998

April 13, 2006
To West Point Graduates against the War
I absolutely applaud you on this. It is long overdue and the right thing to do. Thank you. I am not anything military so I can't join other than to say I'm with you as a citizen. I have been so sad these past 5 years losing pride in my country. I am a music teacher and cannot teach patriotic songs to my young students as long as Bush and his hideous lies are in power. My son is a musician yet I discouraged him from joining the service as a musician under Bush and Cheney's deceitful reign. Our reputation is in tatters around the world.
God bless you.
Susan James
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

April 11, 2006
As I read through the quotes from former West Point graduates I felt a deep sadness, as I pondered what I have lost. I am old enough (early 50's) to remember a time when America was not divided and driven apart by unscrupulous politicians. I remember the slogan "I Like Ike." Even as a child I could sense Eisenhower's decency and honesty. Our leaders today are pathetic shadows compared to patriots like him.I have a father who was a career Coast Guard officer, a brother who was in the Air Force, and a brother-in-law who was in the Navy. I know the military struggles to stay true to its mission and defend the Constitution and the nation. I deeply respect you West Point graduates who have chosen to stake out a principled opposition to the current state of affairs.
Bill Haff
Easton, Massachusetts

April 11, 2006
I don't want to join. I am not a graduate of West Point, however I am a former commissioned officer. I am a combat wounded veteran of The Korean War. I served with The Second Infantry Division, 2nd. Recon company. I admire your stand and believe you are right. I was against Bush's invasion of Iraq from before it happened. Good luck to you.
Baird Buchanan
North Carolina

April 10, 2006
I've never been anywhere near West Point and had minimal exposure to the military so I'm not qualified to add my name to your rolls. But I still want you to know how thrilled I am to discover what you're doing--a thrill nearly everyone I know will also feel when I tell them about you.
I heard you on the radio this morning but was disappointed that they barely let you say anything about the specific activities your group has undertaken. You are by far the most interesting, articulate and intelligent people I've yet to hear on that program.
Thank you for providing pacifists like me with a vision of the military that we can not only live with, but feel good about.
And thank you, most especially, for clarifying for those in the military that they don't just have to blindly follow orders, regardless of what those orders are (maybe here I reveal my ignorance of all matters military but one of the things we civilians often hear is that a "good soldier" owes fidelity to his commander no matter what it costs him). And, again, thank you for including the Iraqi people among those about whom we should be very concerned. The statistics on deaths I hear about in the media tend to exclude them.
And, once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.
A. E. Sadler
San Diego, California

April 10, 2006
Just grateful
I had three sons at VMI and helped raise a friend who went to West Point
I cannot join but wanted to say that I am grateful for your stand.
Eslye Moore

April 10, 2006
Just wanted to let you guys know that I listened to you this morning on the Stacy Taylor show in San Diego, and I support you completely. By the way, I’m a 1968 graduate of the Naval Academy, and served on riverboats in Vietnam. I suspect you’re at least as angry as I am that Bush, Cheney, and the rest of their ilk refused to serve their country in war when they had the chance. Perhaps that’s why they really have no concept of what war is, and how quick they were to commit young Americans to an ugly war that’s not worth fighting.
Keep up your good work. It’s good to know there are others of background similar to mine that feel the same way.
And thanks to you and your fellow West Pointers.
Bob Gilleskie
San Diego, California
United States Naval Academy, 1968

April 10, 2006
Dear Sirs,
I am not a West Point graduate, however I am a former combat infantryman.
My reason for writing is to express my great thanks for the wise and courageous stand you've taken. It's become increasingly clear that our political leaders are divorced from reality and appear to be taking our country and the world on a path of destruction. Having people such as yourselves speak out is tremendously important.
Again, thank you.
Franklin Stiles
El Cajon, California

April 9, 2006
We Support YouDear West Point Grads,
Just a note to let you know I come from a family with a proud long standing military history of serving our country. I am proud to see West Point Grads take to heart, what they were taught. My son (Ohio National Guard) just returned from Iraq with a Purple Heart and Meritorious Service Medal at age 20. My father is a Marine and consultant, my step-mother a computer scientist with the Navy-both work in Germany for our government. My sister and I were criminal justice majors in college, for goodness sake! Can one get anymore "mainstream military folks" than us? And they have the nerve to label war protestors "hippies." Good one.To say we support what you are doing, would be an understatement! If there are any of you in the Ohio area, please connect with us for events! MFSO does political pressure committees, speeches on college campuses and interviews- anything to get the message out. The corporate owned media is less than cooperative but we now consist of more than 3,000 military families. MFSO is a non-partisan organization of military families opposed to the war in Iraq. The national website is:
Teresa Dawson
Columbus, Ohio

April 7, 2006
I deeply respect and support what you are doing with West Point Graduates Against The War. I would love to join myself but, as my commission came through ROTC and not the Academy, it seems I cannot. I was a distinguished military student, distinguished military graduate, regular Army commission, 82d (infantry) and SOCOM (psyops). A few years prior to that, I was an enlisted Marine - grunt, machine gunner. That's okay. I just want to thank you for what you are doing.
Joseph David Marshall
Naples, Florida

April 6, 2006
I cannot qualify for membership since my father was not a graduate of West Point. He attended Butler University in Indianapolis and became an officer in the newly established USAF in l950. But I share in your protest against the Iraqi "War" (illegal invasion and brutal, stupid occupation). We should NOT tolerate leaders who lie, who cheat, who steal, or feel that they are above the law, or "know what is best". Their lies have led to untold tragedy in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.
Robert McKinney
Tokyo, Japan

April 4, 2006
Thank you. I am the daughter of a West Point graduate, the niece of another, and I myself was born at West Point. My dad was class of '40 and my uncle class of '36, both WWII veterans. Sadly they're not still around to be part of this. You are truly upholding "Duty, Honor, Country." As Mark Twain wrote:
“In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce and brave man, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”
Thank you for being a patriot when it's most difficult and most urgent.
Alison Weir

April 4, 2006
God bless you folks
Was thrilled to see you West Point folks ponying up to the table. God only knows how disappointed I have been in the sheep mentality of the officer corp. We need to use the prestige of the officer to take the civilian pols on.
Jim W. Dean

(Not a West Point grad...but mother is a Gold Star wife and a Gold Star mother)
Heritage TV...Atlanta...producer/host
Military Order of World WarsAtlanta Sons of the American Revolution
Sons of Confederate Veterans
The Navy League
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Georgia Heritage Council

April 4, 2006
I am not a West Point graduate and so cannot join your organization. However, I am very encouraged by your group's existence. Also, thank you for the Eisenhower transcript. I've never seen it in full. Its range and import is so much greater even than the "military-industrial complex" warning.
Dr. Stephen Figler

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